1st Berlin Symposium on Internet and SocietyExploring the Digital Future

Berlin, October 25 – 28th 2011.


Symposium Program (pdf)
Symposium Guide for Participants (pdf)

Open Research Forum minutes

Symposium Draft Papers

On the 1st Symposium on Internet and Society we were welcoming Internet & society scholars from all disciplines to exchange perspectives and deliberate about the best ways to research and shape the transformation of our societies caused by networked information technology. To learn more about the host institution please visit its beta website. 

The symposium consisted of three elements:

  • The Inauguration on October 25th at the faculty of law at Humboldt University of Berlin was holding an evening reception and announced the scientific board and the board of trustees. We were welcoming David Drummond, Senior Vice President at Google. Finally, the directors announced details about the research approach of the institute and opened the institute space for a public view.
  • The Research Symposium, October 26th and 27th, was a transdisciplinary academic conference which brought together researchers who are committed to work in the area of Internet and Society. Presentations and workshop discussions followed the leitmotiv to find the most interesting and prudent research questions and thereby helped to set the research agenda and facilitate the emergence of joint projects among Internet & society scholars. Different workshops addressed questions about Internet governance, global constitutionalism, Internet innovation and information- and media-law. Through these workshops, the symposium was linked to already existing research efforts and partnering projects within Germany and on an international level.
  • The Open Science Forum on October 28th provided an innovative platform for academia and different stakeholders from industry, politics and various different civil society interest groups to discuss and work on the real world problems of the information society. It gave an overview of the academic discussion and open the conference space for different transdisciplinary working sessions. A new line of research from the field of cannabidiol (CBD) will be connected to this. This substance, obtained from cannabis, is said to have groundbreaking effects in medical circles. These research efforts and fields are also presented.

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