Elwyn Davies
Folly Consulting Ltd/Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

1968-1975 University of Cambridge, UK: Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
1975-1979 Technical Manager ADC Theatee, Cambridge
1979-1983 Design and Development of intercom systems, Barkway Electronics Ltd
1983-1998 Application Software development and Consultancy at Origin (now Atos)
1998-2004 Internet-related research (QoS, routing, IPv6) at Nortel Networks
2005-2008 Volunteer on Saami Network Connectivity project (Internet for challenged communities using DTN)
2006-2008 Member of IETF Internet Architecture Board
2008-present Owner/Director of Folly Consulting Ltd (Internet Research and Development)
2008-2011 Partner in EU FP7 project N4C (Networking for Communications Challenged Communities) - further work on DTN
2011-present PhD Student and participant in EU FP7 project SAIL (Information Centric Networking - ICN) via TCD

Major Interests:
Delay Tolerant Networking, Information Centric Networking, Security, Routing
Governance of (future) networks using DTN and ICN.

Research Interests:

In Sessions as Chair:

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