Rolf Kreibich
IZT – Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich serves as scientific and managing director of IZT – Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, Berlin since 1981 and Director of the Secretariat for Futures Studies, Dortmund and Berlin since 1990. He is a member of the World Future Council (WFC), which endeavors to bring the interests of future generations to the centre of policy making. Prof Dr. Rolf Kreibich is primarily interested in futures studies, sustainable development, technology assessment and civil society issues.
IZT ( is a non-profit and independent research company founded in 1981. Its main tasks are the realization of research projects, delivering expert opinions, and advising political and industrial decision makers. Most scientific work concentrates upon research relevant to the future, the analysis of developments and implementation of new technologies and the assessment and evaluation of their influence on economy, politics, ecology and social issues. Furthermore, the IZT develops strategies, methods and tools in relation to future technologies as well as ecological and social structural changes in the economy and society.
From 1969 to 1976 Kreibich served as President of Freie Universtät Berlin. Among his many political advisory activities is his Membership of the Sustainability Board of the German State of Brandenburg. His honors include the prestigious award of the German Environmental Management Association B.A.U.M in 1996. Prof Dr. Rolf Kreibich has published more than 400 books and papers.

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