in Workshop
Time Wednesday, 04:30PM - 06:30PM
Room Workshop Room 3
Chair Martin Kretschmer
Speaker Leonhard Dobusch
Respondent Felix Stalder
Respondent Juan Carlos de Martin

The Digital Public Domain between Regulation and Innovation

Researchers across disciplines generally agree that some form of public domain is necessary for an open society in general and for innovation in particular. Consensus ends, however, when questions are raised such as what should be part of the public domain and how should the public domain be regulated? After reviewing the current state of debate, this workshop tries to distill empirical research questions for resolving at least some of these disagreements.

Discussion Paper

The Digital Public Domain: Relevance and Regulation (pdf)

Top 5 Research Questions

We have identified a number of research questions on this topic. Here are the top 5:

  • Mapping the Public Domain Empirically: What Areas of the Public Domain are Most Relevant in Different Fields? » read more
  • Public Domain and Free Speech: How have technological and regulatory changes of the public domain affected democratic dialogue? » read more
  • Public Domain and Innovation: How are public domain material and rights utilized in (inter-)organizational innovation practices? » read more
  • Public Domain, Governance and Innovation: Why and how do different forms of public domain governance impact innovative processes? » read more
  • Public Domain and regulation: What are the consequences of interactions between different types of public domain regulation over time? » read more

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