in Workshop
Time Thursday, 02:00PM - 04:00PM
Room Workshop Room 3
Chair Britta Oertel
Moderator Wolfgang Kleinwächter
Speaker Michaela Woelk
Respondent Anna Riedel
Respondent Christian Neuhaus
Respondent Christoph Coenen
Respondent Siegfried Behrendt
Respondent Thomas Bendig


Futures studies are the scientific study of possible, desirable, and probable future developments and scope for design, as well as the conditions for these in the past and in the present. Modern futures studies assume that the future is not entirely determinable and that different future developments (‘futures’) are possible and there is scope for design. They are based on the realization that there are indeed a great number of possible futures but that these are not arbitrary. The term ‘Future-oriented Technology Analysis’ refers to potent changes and challenges for futures studies at the interface of technological change with increasingly science-based innovation, attention to societal issues and concerns.

Futures Studies and Future-oriented Technology analysis are concerned with complex dynamic systems and processes and engage multiple stakeholders in participatory and interdisciplinary processes to assure distributed understanding and sustainable development.
The article discusses principles and context of Futures studies and Futures analyses methodology. It puts forward five core research lines to outline Futures studies contribution to addressing issues in the research area of Internet & Society.

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