in Internet governance, Workshop
Time Friday, 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Room Workshop Room 2
Chair Wolfgang Kleinwächter

Towards a constitutional moment in the history of the internet?

One of the key issues under discussion during the recent IGF in Nairobi was the question whether there is a need to draft a sort of a "Constitution" or "Magna Charta" for the Internet. Numerous initiatives by intergovernmental organisations like OECD, Council of Europe, EU, CSCE, NATO, ISBA, Shanghai-Group and others to draft "principles on Internet Governance" have triggered a global debate whether such projects should be "harmonized" and led to something like a "Multistakeholder Framework of Understanding on Internet Governance Principles". Among the proposals on the table is the idea to use the IGF as a platform to promote such a common understanding among governments and non-governmental stakeholders. The workshop will discuss the various options and draft recommendations how to proceed further.

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