Wolfgang Schulz

Wolfgang Schulz studied Law and Journalism in Hamburg. Since 1997 he has taught the optional special subject on information and communication in the Department of Law at the University of Hamburg; he has been also a member of the state office for legal examinations since January 2000. In July 2009 habilitation through the Faculty of Law at the University of Hamburg, granted Venia Legendi in public law, media law and legal philosophy.
From 1999 onwards, he functioned as deputy business director as well as head of the Hans-Bredow-Institute’s area of media and telecommunications, he has been a member of the board of directors since 2001.

His work emphasises problems of legal regulation with regard to media contents – particularly depictions of violence -, questions of law in new media, above all in digital television, and the legal bases of journalism, but also the jurisprudential bases of freedom of communication and of the description of the systems of journalism and communications in systems theory. In addition, he works on the forms taken by the State’s functions, for instance, in the framework of concepts of “regulated self-regulation”.


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